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moil. Therefore, the newly inaugurated president has set stimulating economy, improving employment rate and decreasing proportion of the poor population as major goals for the cou


e Preval on Wednesday pleaded for assistance after Tuesday's devastating 7.3-magnitude earthquake brought about "unbelievable catastrophe" to his country. "Parliament has collapse.


of last year when Egyptian authorities searched 17 local and foreign groups' offices over suspected illicit funding activities. As the U.S.-based International Republican Institu.


aircraft to help the containment effort. The states of Louisiana, Florid and Alabama have declared state of emergency because of the spill. ?by Rob Welham BEIJING, April 9 (Xinhuan.


ate Selic has already suffered three cuts this year, and is currently at nine percent. After the second reduction in the Selic rate, the government announced cuts in the interest.

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eported. The storm brought high winds and heavy lightning to the Chicago area Tuesday night with more than an inch of rain and wind gusts as strong as 70 mph that snapped tree lim.

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chers said the only isotope of argon whose hydride could rotate in this case was argon-36. They believed that energy from the neutron star at the heart of the nebula ionized the a.

sident George W. Bush, New York state and city officials joined family members of victims of the 2001 and 1993 attacks at the reflecting pools, which were built over the towers' .

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